Peripheral Front (PF) is a company created and registered in Madeira Island, Portugal. It is controlled by Embrace Hypothesis and its owners. Embrace Hypothesis is also a Portuguese company owned by Mrs. Meiduan Liu and Mr. Thierry Abimelech, two entrepreneurs with strong success on several domains, for example, premium fashion manufacture and distribution, grand tourism packaging and online and offline textile, among others.

PF primary objective is to develop and market high tech and value-added services, focused on the tourism sector. To develop these services Peripheral Front will use cutting-edge technologies and highly specialized engineering, for which Universities in Madeira region will play an important role. 
The holding company is building an MVNE platform (mobile virtual network environment ) in Portugal with a view to exploring mobile services opportunities in certain vertical markets (see for further information), like mobility tourism. Peripheral Front services will use this platform and environment to sell the services to its customers all over the world.



Madeira is one of the most known tourist destinations in the world and is constantly awarded prime rewards by the industry heralds and by travelers themselves. Tourists coming by plane and cruises are met by the stunning beauty of the island, the warming character of the people and by a formidable infrastructure built during last decade, in particular regarding high-quality resorts, roads, and telecoms. It is, therefore, an ideal test bed for advanced services and applications by real tourists coming from all over the world.


Historically Madeira is now ready for its fourth development cycle; after sugar, wine and tourism comes the cycle of technology-based services paving the way for an industry 4.0 roadmap.

In line with the strategy of the holding company, Peripheral Front is the operational and research front of the Group, in charge of developing services and applications that the commercial brands of Embrace Hypothesis (eg. ESCAPAD for the tourism sector) will sell to the mobile end  users of the targeted vertical markets, as part of contracted service offers. 


We have selected Madeira as an ideal test bed to put on trial the services designed by the marketing and searching departments of Embrace Hypothesis, and other partnerships. However, PF will have the independence to look for other opportunities, working alongside with municipalities, governments, and multinational companies, within the geographical space or within the chosen mobile vertical markets.



Meet the Team

To implement such a modern and ambitious programme, we will need a strong team of software developers, telecom, and IT experts, as well as market and marketing analysts and promotion experts. And, of course, a management team knowledgeable on premier customer service.


He has already a core team, coming from multimillion customer telecom operators and from an advanced academic environment, in particular, specialized in the financial development of innovation projects. The strength of PF, however, comes from the future talent, that we will harvest in Madeira academic youth.


With this team, we are confident that we will build a front of knowledge to drive research and customer expectations into business certainties.


Our Services

Peripheral Front, as an example of a company understanding the challenges of this millennium, will build a network of competence in such domains as telecoms and information technology-based value-added services; online digital services and platform management; virtual and enhanced reality's applications; smart cities environment services; Artificial Intelligence; big data management and machine learning.

In a recent study on e-tourism, these trends are clearly identified by people as the next things expected to happen: personalization via artificial intelligence and big data insights; advanced voice recognition appliances; new immersive interfaces with virtual reality; internet of things/M2M; fifth-generation networks and contactless payment solutions.


With our team and partnerships, we aim at providing state-of-the-art service, applications and packages to the parent company and other stakeholders, in Madeira or worldwide.

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